The Spirit of Adventure

Boat charters between Skye and Lochalsh

The Spirit of Adventure

Isle oF SKYE DolphIns and Sea Eagle Watching Trips


The waters around Skye and Lochalsh are rich in marine wildlife providing an ideal environment for sea eagles, dolphins, whales and seals. All of which are regularly sighted throughout the year.

Only a short distance from Kyle of Lochalsh we have an area of water called the Inner Sound, which has depths of 220metres, ideal for deep diving whales such as the Sperm Whale. Bottle nosed Dolphins circulate around the Isle of Skye during the year and we get regular sightings of these magnificent animals. Common Dolphins are also a regular feature of our trips. They tend to move in large groups, occasionally in the hundreds. There are areas in the Inner Sound where porpoise (Europe's smallest whale) are virtually guaranteed to be seen every trip. Family groups come together in some areas, creating a group of up to 80 animals.

All trips are fully guided. All photos taken from Spirit of Adventure.